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"Special Needs Roadmaps is like the Triptik for special needs planning. It helps parents visualize where they need and/or want to go. Having the end in mind helps to make drawing the map a lot easier."

– Terri, Financial Planner

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About Gwen Faulkner:

Author Gwendolyn A. Faulkner’s expertise comes from professional and personal experience. Not only has she spent the last seven years assisting families with their financial planning, she also has a family member with special needs as well as countless friends in the special needs community.

She is active in several Non-Profits in the Philadelphia / NJ Area and has served as the Regional President of New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, Vice Chair of Devereux in New Jersey, Chair of the Greater Delaware Valley MS Business Advisory Council, and the board of Walk Committee, Autism Speaks.

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Fun Facts About Gwen:

  • Born in Media, PA
  • Very Proud Gemini
  • Grew up as a Military Brat – Air Force
  • Went to Northern Burlington High School in Columbus NJ and
    graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Finance and Minors in Economics and Accounting
  • Her first job was working as a volunteer for the Red Cross at the hospital on Altus Air Force Base
  • Huge cat lover
  • Plays the flute
  • Her favorite show is Ghost Hunters
  • Met her husband working at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ in High School

Webinar  Descriptions:

Who needs a Special Needs Trusts?              
Learn the real purpose of a special needs trust and who can benefit from it.

How to create a Special Needs Trust?
Trusts funds can be confusing, we will use this time to explain how trust get set up and learn the mechanics behind how it functions.

What does a special needs trust pay for?
Here is another way of looking at the value of a Special Needs Trust. In this session we will look at what services can be purchased using a special needs trust.

Possibilities in living arrangements, education and employment.
We will look at group home settings, educational opportunities and employment possibilities for a person with disabilities.

Creating a Vision
Everyone has goals and dreams. We will use this time to explore what is interesting to the individual with disabilities. The things that matter to them most like work, hobbies, social activities, and more. We can then see how this vision can be created into real life.

Identifying Financial Resources                    
Funding a special needs trust is confusing so we can use this time to show ways to find resources from government benefits to special needs trust funding ideas.

Cost of Care
This course would be designed to focus on identifying the cost of creating the vision. This course would be best taken after Creating a Vision and Identifying Financial Resources class is complete. By completing those two courses, they will be able figure out what is affordable and possible for their future.

What is a Letter of Intent?
The course will go over what is the letter of intent and why it is important to the life care planning process.

Putting together a letter of intent.

We will use our time to go through an actual letter of intent document and fill it out, which they will be able to keep.

What is a trustee?
Most people do not understand what a trustee does. We will use this time to focus on the different kinds of trustees, what they do and how much do they cost.

What is a guardian?
Guardianship is a concerning issue for many people. The class will explain the levels of guardianship and how someone can obtain guardianship for them.

What to talk about in family meetings?
Family meetings can be difficult because of family emotional concerns and/or issues toward the disabled person. We will use the time to focus on helping them work through some of their concerns and feelings. They will also leave with an agenda to host a family meeting or discussion.

Budgeting Expenses
This class is going to go over typical expenses and how to budget appropriately for them.

Life Care Planning for Special Needs Families